About Me

As a young girl, I was more interested in the made-up worlds of books than reality. In fact, I preferred it so much, that I began to create new worlds of my own. I spent hours imagining and building them, even acting some of them out with my sister. 

At first, it was just a way to pass the time in my lonely childhood. As soon as I learned to write, though, I began to put to paper my thoughts, dreams and imaginary worlds. They became stories. I realized that I enjoyed bringing my daydreams into the real world and sharing the resulting stories, and other people enjoyed them, too.

But, somewhere along the line, I grew into the kind of woman who didn't have time for stories and fantasy worlds, and I gave up my dream of writing to pursue goals that seemed - at the time - more sensible, more logical. I stopped spending my waking hours with my characters and focused on what I thought I was supposed to do as an adult.

Many years later, I came to a moment in my life when nothing was working out and I had no-one but myself to face and ask the question - why? I had to decide if I was going to continue to tie myself in knots or give in to risk and pursue writing as a career. 

I found myself revisiting some of my old stories, wondering what would happen if I finally gave them life. It is time to find out, time to experiment, time to see what these old childhood friends (and many newcomers) are up to and where they have been. Getting to the point of acknowledging my dream has been a life-changer. It was a leap of faith, taking that first step back to myself and to the things I loved.

This is my writing blog. A place where I can put my thoughts on writing out into the world and share some of my fiction and non-fiction stories. And, perhaps, a place to store my more random musings, too. There will probably be the odd amateur photo or drawing, too.

I read anything and everything. As far as my own writing goes, though, I tend more to science fiction, fantasy, adventure and horror. Those were my first loves and the genres I most enjoy writing.

Check out my Resource Page, I'm constantly adding new and interesting links for writers on craft, SF&F & Horror, comics and animation and links for fun.