My Favorite Resources for the Writer (& Reader, too!)

This list is just the tip of the iceberg. I have a huge list I'm sorting through before adding here. Please feel free to share any links that you think I might enjoy.

Writing Links & Blogs - General

Absolute Write
National Novel Writing Month
Short Stories: 10 Tips for Creative Writers
Story Fix
The Character Therapist
The Plot Whisperer for Writers and Readers
US Copyright Office
Writer Beware Blogs!
Writer's Knowledge Base: The Search Engine for Writers

Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Specific Links

Adventures in SciFi Publishing
Odyssey, The Fantasy Writing Workshop
SF Signal 
Old and Rare Words - Archaic or unusual words found in Tolkien's works
Online Writing Workshop for Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror
Viable Paradise: A Science Fiction and Fantasy Writer's Workshop

General Research for the Writer *w/ no guarantee of accuracy implied*

Differences between British, Canadian and American Spellings
Encyclopedia Mythica 
Lockpicking for Novelists
Psychology of Space Exploration, a NASA ebook  Free to download.
Medieval Demographics Made Easy
The Way of the Pirates

Sites for Women Writers and Feminists

Feminist Science Fiction, Fantasy & Utopia  *Some links broken, not maintained, but great resource*
Feminist Science Fiction & Fantasy: An Incomplete List     
Feminist SF - The Blog!
WOW! Women on Writing 

Articles & Posts on Women and SF&F or from a Feminist Perspective

Fearing the Woman in the Dark Alley 
Female Armor Sucks Humorous video! Chainmail chafes!
Sacrificing Female Sexuality: twists on an old trope

Sexism, Character Design, and the Role of Women in Created Worlds
The Twenty Millennia Decade: Military Women in a Galaxy Far, Far Away  
Why female breatplates don't need breast-bulges Wow, in-depth explanation. Great for general fantasy world-building, too.

Cartoons, Comics & Animation

Girl Genius Online Comics 
The Other Side

For the Reader

A Reading List for Younger SF Enthusiasts 
The SF Gateway Classic SF&F stories available on-line.

For Writerly Procrastination: Use Sparingly!

Caustic Cover Critic
How to Avoid Writing, by Robert Benchley
How To Write Badly Well 
Kitten Covers
Slush Pile Hell
The top 20 most annoying book reviewer cliches... 
TV Tropes
Writers and Kitties
Letters of note 

Disclaimer: I've added links that I've personally enjoyed or gained insight from, sites I've actually visited. I make no claim to the validity of the content, appropriateness of the content, or in any way endorse the sites.

Last updated on Monday, 1 June, 2013.