Monday, August 8, 2011

Linkage - The Monday Edition

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I meant to post this yesterday, but wasn't feeling too well. I think too much time spent staring at the computer is overloading my eyeballs as I've been hit with some pretty serious headaches the last three days. Anyway, here is my weekly round-up of news posts, with a small twist. Instead of giving you links to general book-ish articles and posts, I'm going to stick to the ones I find specifically on sf&f related news.
Space travel:  It's what we all dream of, right? Here's an article from the LA Times about DARPA's quest to find those who will pave the way to Interstellar travel. So, if you've figured it out, time to put in for your seed money for the R&D.

Genre- Don't label me:  Now that the Booker list is out, this article from The Independent gives us a look at the list's genre composition and how the genre labels can limit our experience in reading. We humans sure like our labels.

Science Fiction Movie: I've seen a few articles on this film, and now I want to see it. Looks like something I'd really like and I've been feeling a bit SciFi starved of late. Here's a review of the film from Pegasus News.

Gaming: If you’re behind on your Final Fantasy gaming (like me), a new reason to finish prior editions: Square Enix has confirmed the release timeline for FFXIII-2. The problem is, if I allow myself to plug in the PS3, no writing will get done.

Kindle Fantasy & SciFi Magazine:  Confusion over Amazon’s new SciFi magazine, cleared up here. Amazon has made available a free science fiction magazine for Kindle. You can subscribe to a free digest edition or pay for a subscription to the full edition.

Vote for your favorite Science Fiction & Fantasy novels:  I did, and it was difficult to choose. You can vote for your top choices or just peruse the finalist list of 100 novels to update your reading list. This list will help you fill any gaps in your classic sf&f reading.

For fun:  Rainn Wilson, actor and “science fiction and fantasy nerd,” gives us his top ten sf&f - complete with nice pictures of the front and back covers from his bookshelf. The covers are awesome.

Undressing a Victorian Lady:  Okay, so this isn't sf&f, but I linked it, anyway.  Never know when you're going to write a Victorian space opera, right? How to Undress A Victorian Lady from the Wall Street Journal.


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  3. I saw that voting list of sci-fi books and was so happy to see my favorite authors there (some of which don't get mentioned very often, especially alongside the classics).

  4. @Alyce - I thought it was a pretty good list. I found some books to add to the ever-growing reading list - which is the best reason to check out these rankings and lists.

  5. I'm a little late commenting, but I wanted to say hello! :)

  6. @Carrie - Hi! Welcome to my blog!