Sunday, December 18, 2011

Speculative Fiction Links: News and Inspiration

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I've compiled a short list of links that I've found here and there. Mostly, the following are articles on things I find inspiring when trying to come up with story ideas or for world building, but there are articles and posts with reading lists and writing tips, too. I hope you enjoy them!

Lists to Ponder:

NPR's list of the best of 2011 in sci-fi & fantasy literature. Whilst I've been busily reading, I've not read a single book on this list, but they are all going on the reading list.

I've been contemplating my spaceship for a scifi novella idea. Here's a Top-Ten list of sci-fi spaceships from movies you may find fun and inspiring.

The Future, It is here:

The student chemistry lab of the future may be on-line. No more Bunsen Burners? I'm curious as to how the labs would be carried out. This gives me interesting thoughts for scifi stories. 

Pills to improve your memory - they're a step closer to reality.

In other medical miracles with scifi writing possibilities: Grow your own cartilage, now available.

For The Writer:

Jane Friedman gives us the "12 Must-Read Articles From 2011," here. Interesting stuff on writing, freelance writing, social media, and publishing. I'm working my way through the articles, but there seems to be a lot of good information for the interested writer.

This book, a sort-of science text book for the sci-fi fan, looks interesting. Here's an excerpt of an interview with the authors, for more insight into the book.

I subscribed to Daily Science Fiction, and I'm really enjoying the stories. Give it a try - a fresh sci-fi story delivered daily to your inbox.

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