Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Everything but the writing

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Christmas hangover = cranky writer and cranky cat
 My husband returned to work, today, leaving me home, all alone with my new writing resolutions and one very cranky cat. I've caught up on my social media for the day, read some blogs I've neglected, washed some underwear and shooed cranky-puss off the keyboard about a dozen times. I even sent a short story off to a beta reader in order to prepare it for submission in January.

But, the one thing I haven't done: add one single, solitary syllable to my daily word count. Neither have I so much as cracked open the binder that holds The Beast (aka: WIP1). So, make that two things I haven't done today.

Instead, I've been searching Dr. Google for information on "weird muscle twitches." I'm pretty sure I've got some terrible disease or something.  Then, I downloaded some self-pubbed books from Amazon, since my to-read pile isn't quite deep enough to drown in. Speaking of reading, I spent about an hour on Goodreads, 'cause it's a good place to get in touch with future readers.

Ha! Future readers. What good are future readers if you don't ever write anything for them to read?

I think I'm suffering from sort of post-Christmas hangover. I don't want to return to plain old, holiday-free winter. I guess I still have New Year's coming up, but that is not promising to be a fun holiday this year (no plans). It is dark and cold and rainy, and I just don't feel motivated to write anything. No, I'd rather pull a blanket over my head and drag the laptop underneath and play Angry Birds Star Wars. Dude! Have you seen it?

Posted by Jennifer B. at The Writing Cocoon


  1. On the other hand, by catching up on social media and getting a short off to a beta, you have successfully cleared the decks. Roll on!

  2. Yes, Jeff, of course you are right! I did get a bit of free writing done after I posted. And, today is a new day. It is always hard to get into work of any kind after a holiday or vacation, isn't it?

  3. Angry Birds Star Wars ROCKS! I completed the free version this week during our holiday travels; my sister-in-law bought the full version, and now I'm tempted...

  4. Milo - Don't feed the distraction-demons! ABSW is pretty awesome, though...just saying.