Sunday, May 12, 2013

Links-a-lot: Writing News and Inspiration

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Just a general, hodgepodge of links today. Publishing news and interesting bits related to Science Fiction, Fantasy and general writing.

I know the Internet is chock-a-block with blogs and articles on self-publishing tips. I can't say that there is anything totally new or earth-shattering in author Russell Blake's approach, but Karen Woodward does a nice recap of a post by Russell in the Kindle boards on her blog. It is a peak inside his self-publishing and marketing process and methods (and boy, does he churn out the novels).  Here is the original Kindle board post, if you're interested in the discussion, there.

For you Margaret Atwood fans, an article where the author discusses e-publishing.

The publishing industry just gets sadder - a write-up on the fallout from the Borders bankruptcy. Can't imagine this helps the cause of those writers trying to get published with these US publishing houses.

The SciFi future of your dreams is one step closer with advancement in the flexible battery technology!

Marvel fans rejoice - a taste of what's coming for future Marvel Movies.

Copyright protection: Tor's experiment - an article discussing the statement made by Tor on their experiment with copy-protection-free e-publishing.

The Locus Awards Ballot is announced - see what's hot in SF&F.

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