Saturday, October 22, 2011

Saturday Snapshot

Great North Run 2011: Newcastle, UK
This year was supposed to be a year full of triumphant returns for me: a return to writing and a return to running. Unfortunately, though I managed to snag a spot to race in the Great North Run, I was waylaid by injury and forced to the sidelines.

Honestly, I didn't even want to go, but now I'm glad I did. We spent the weekend in Newcastle (fantastic city to spend a get-away weekend, btw), sight-seeing, eating in Chinatown and cheering on the runners of the Great North Run.

This shot is of the elite men - just after crossing the Tyne Bridge. I have to admit, I was glad I went and participated, even if only as a spectator. What a fun event. They really go all-out, and the atmosphere is fantastic and uplifting. The finish line by the sea was perfect - beautiful coastline as the backdrop with sunny skies and a performance by the Red Arrows.

Enjoy the weekend, everyone!

If you want to participate in the Saturday Snapshot meme, brought to you by Alyce at At Home with Books, here are the only requirements (from her site):

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  1. What a great event! You can tell those are serious runners. The weather looks good for it too - not hot like we have here in Texas. LOL

  2. That sounds like a great way to spend a weekend! Watching elite runners can be so inspiring.

  3. Great photo! Thanks for sharing...and for visiting my blog.

  4. Love the building in the background! Sorry you got injured, but glad you went anyway and enjoyed yourself!

  5. @Kay - I tried to complete some training runs while visiting some family in Texas this past summer (before the injury). Even before sun-up, I couldn't do it - too hot and humid! The temps here are perfect for running.

    @Trish - I agree.

    @Lisa - Yes, one day!

    @Vicki - I think you are referring to the Sage Gateshead.

    Thanks for the comments, everyone!

  6. I know what it's like to be side-lined. I use to run, but since my back surgery I had to give it up ;(
    Visiting England is on my list of the things to do in the next couple of years. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  7. I always enjoy seeing runners in action. That's something I'm trying to get into shape to do, but at the moment I'm just at brisk daily walks.

  8. I'm sorry you couldn't compete, but you were quite the good sport to go cheer them on!

    My Snapshot is here.

  9. I've just started "running" over the last month or so and probably will never be like the runners in your shot...but it's such an inspiring shot :)

  10. It is so frustrating to be held back by an injury, but I'm glad you found a way to enjoy it from the sidelines.

  11. Nice shot, the runners are synchronized.

    Sorry about your injury. Hopefully it will heal and you can run next time. Running is one of those high impact sports my injured knee won't let me do anymore.

  12. @Beachreader - sorry to hear about your surgery. When the body doesn't work properly, it changes your whole perspective.

    @Lisa - Yeah, and I even felt happy to support the runners. I guess it was hard to take anything away from the participants with jealous thoughts.

    @Peppermint PhD - Congrats on beginning a running routine!

    @Alyce - thanks!

    @Leslie - The runners are synchronized, somehow I didn't notice that particular detail.

  13. I'd love to run like that.

    My aim for next year is more 5k runs. Have to start somewhere.

  14. Seems like a great event. Sorry you were not able to participate.

  15. @Debbie - 5k's are where I started many years ago. Such fun events! I'll probably be starting with 5k's when I can run again (hopefully).

    @Diane - thanks for your comment.