Wednesday, November 9, 2011

From the trenches: NaNoWriMo Day 9

Posted by Jennifer B at The Writing Cocoon.


You, hey you! *Peeks head up and looks from side-to-side*
*Whispering* I’ve been down here, keeping out of sight. When you are waist deep in plot bunnies, you really got to keep your head down. I mean…those things have teeth. I’m going to have to keep this short and sweet, can’t be caught out in the open when the novel is running amok, characters and ideas swarming, threatening to overwhelm our position, here.
I’m current on word count, but I'm not on track to finish the 70k word goal I set for myself. Not really worried about that now…just got to get out of this alive. I’m waffling between POVs, character names, and struggling with a desire to drop everything and go get some research ammunition. Plus, I’m leaving the beginning and entering the middle - the story world.
Holy shit. I had no idea what a mess this part of the battlefield was going to be. I’m taking advantage of this short cease fire on the storyline to go back and write out a synopsis of my novel…just feels like the thing to do to help me plot out the next few scenes. The middle is a vast wasteland, filled with mines. Got to be a bit more careful with mapping out a path if I’m going to get through in one coherent piece.
As for the WiP1, well, she’s been blown apart in the rewrite, and it’s a mess. I mean, guts and parts strewn all over the place. I’ve got no idea how to put this humpty dumpty back together again, so I’m also rewriting the synopsis of that novel. The only option after that is to wade in and start shooting plot bunnies, ask questions later. We’ll all get through this if we keep our heads down and fingers on the keyboard, well, at least the MC will. Don’t know about some of her friends…

*Rockets whistle through the air* Shit! Looks like another idea just hit me. I’m going to go lock it down, see if I can gather up some of these stray thoughts and use ‘em for ammo to get out of the middle of WiP 2.
*Still whispering, grabs helmet and rifle* And, yes, I’m getting a little stir-crazy over here. It’s been really dark, and I haven't talked to a living human today, and I’m still wearing my pj’s and my bathrobe. Damn the Rules, full speed ahead!

For some tips on blowing your synopsis out of the water, check out the awesome arsenal available over here.


  1. Good for you! I'm at 4000 words and...not...counting. The revision octopus has me wrapped up pretty tight. Keep that helmet on!

  2. Way to go! Keep up the good work with your NaNo-ing.

  3. JeffO - The revision octopus! That's so right-on. I certainly feel as if I'm wrestling an 8-tentacled beast. Which one regenerates its tentacles every time you cut one off?? That might be my revision beast.

    Thanks, MJF!