Monday, November 21, 2011

NaNoWriMo - Day 21

I wish I could say I'm wearing super Wrist Bands of Power, but, I'm not. I took a week off the computer - I had to. There was one day where I wrote nine-hundred words, but I couldn't sleep that night because of the resulting wrist pain. I couldn't even stand to use the keyboard long enough to check email, which gave me an unscheduled Internet holiday.  There was actual heat rising from my wrists.

What did I do instead of writing last week? I've done completed some longhand writing. I've read a couple of books. There's even been some research accomplished.

But, the sad truth, for NaNoWriMo anyway, is that I'm very behind in word count. I'm not too down about it. Really. In fact, the time off of the computer, sat on the sofa with a notebook and pen, has given me some time to think through the project. I've been playing with mind-mapping in my notebook - which I think I like.

I've also been thinking about writing more short stories. Several times on this blog I've mentioned wanting to participate in a little something called Write 1/Submit 1, and I'm almost sorry I didn't concentrate more on that as a first challenge rather than a second novel. Which led me to thinking about making a novella out of this year's NaNoWriMo. There are a few contests that take novella length fiction, and I can always make it into a novel later. I know novellas aren't the most popular of formats in modern publishing, but modern publishing is changing every day it seems. A novella just seems like an easier beast to wrangle while working on my first novel and other short story projects.

We'll see.

I'm grappling with whether or not to attempt a NaNo comeback this year. Do I try to accomplish an obscene number of words in the next nine days? Will my wrists fall off? Are these wrist bands actually magical? Will I, won't I?

How about you guys? Anyone having a NaNo meltdown? I know some of you are probably already finished - you bastards (I kid, I kid!). I read somewhere that only 1 in 5 people "win" NaNo. Don't know if that is true, but if you're one of those people, then congrats. It's a great feeling, isn't it? What about the rest of you who are still typing for NaNoWriMo glory? Anyone planning some epic all-nighters?


  1. Bummed about your wrists, Jennifer, it sounds quite painful and unpleasant. I'm glad you can at least get some longhand writing done.

    NaNo is pretty dead for me, but I'm not distraught over it. I think part of it is that I just haven't really grabbed the BIG IDEA behind the story I'm trying to work on just yet. It may be something I have to put aside for awhile and try something else, I'm not sure just yet. I'm at 15K words, don't think I'll try to kill myself for 35K in 9 days.

  2. Hi Jeff - yeah, the wrists are a bummer. I think I've turned a corner - as long as I don't over do it. I'm now writing in timed segments. It is actually better. I write for 30 minutes, then do something else for a while. It has the added benefit of letting me think through what I've written.

    I think you're right to wait for the BIG IDEA - if you don't have that, it is hard to muddle through the rest.

  3. Timed intervals are a good idea -- or word count. I get up and do some dorky exercises after every 1,000 words, and it seems to help.

  4. Yes, MJF - I'm liking the timed intervals, even beyond the wrists, it helps with the "flow" of words. If that makes sense...

  5. I'm snagged at 46K words. I plan on getting the last 4K done, but they're beating me with clubs right now.