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NaNoWriMo Day 2 - Is this writing sh@t?

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A slight infraction of one of my own NaNo rules occurred the night of Day 1, as I stayed up way too late catching up on the NaNo Internet chatter. I paid for it on Day 2, when I awoke at the crack of dawn from a nightmare where my husband was dead, and I was in LOVE with a young Charlie Sheen, not to mention, my father was alive, and I  was having a way-too-serious conversation with him.

It took me a minute, upon awakening, to determine that I was sitting next to my very-much-alive husband, and that my father and I had never had that particular talk. Not a great way to start the morning, lovesick over Charlie and trying to convince yourself that your father is, in fact, still dead.

But, that's a writing hangover for you...

Yesterday's writing happened at an even slower pace than Day 1. I still clocked in over 2k words, but I'm having a difficult time getting through the beginning.

The reason for this is three-fold: a) I can't find the off-switch to the inner editor,  b) I can't seem to beat-to-death the little writing demon that keeps telling me that my writing is crap, and c) the beginning is kind of boring me (not a good sign).

I know I shouldn't be hung up on this. Like I said on Day 1, the writing is better, there's no doubt in my mind that I've made some improvements in the last year. Many hours have been spent in studying writing blogs, websites, and books. I've edited my own first novel, noticing where I go sideways and backwards and diagonal, even. I've started to do a little critiquing for other writers on-line, and that has helped considerably. Plus, I just know, as I'm writing, that the structure and handling is simply...better.

Good news, right? But I think that this new knowledge and experience may be hindering me in achieving the aim of NaNo, which is pure word volume. I'm thinking too much instead of following the story and my plot diagram (Yes, I broke down and made a diagram. Yes, it's helping). I'm tightening up, restricting the flow, blocking the know, THINKING too much.

So, let's take a look at my goals for week 1, shall we?
  • Write a minimum of 2500 words each day; Close: 2600 Day 1 and 2100 Day 2.
  • Each night, sketch out the scenes to write the following day; I've actually been doing this - and thank the maker, 'cause it has been a life saver for productivity.
  • Get some fresh air and exercise, each day; I've actually practiced yoga and taken a walk outside, each day. It makes a big difference. Let's see if I keep it up.
  • Continue to edit my WIP1, finishing the edits by the end of week 1. Nope. I actually sat down to do it last night, but I was just too brain tired. Nightmares about Charlie Sheen and dead fathers will do that. 
Not too shabby for a start. I've not broken too many of my rules, yet, but the NaNo is young. Wait a minute. Damn. I'm breaking a rule right now: blogging when I should be NaNo'ing.

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